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Nestled in the heart of Europe, Austria is a landlocked country celebrated for its rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and classical contributions. Vienna, the capital, stands as a cultural epicenter, with grand imperial palaces, renowned museums, and a musical legacy that includes Mozart and Beethoven. Beyond Vienna, cities like Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart, and Innsbruck, surrounded by the majestic Alps, captivate with their historic charm.

Austria’s geography is a tableau of contrasts, featuring the towering peaks of the Alps in the west and the serene plains along the Danube River to the east. The country is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering world-class skiing in the winter and hiking and cycling opportunities during the warmer months.

Austria’s commitment to environmental sustainability is evident in its efficient public transportation systems and initiatives promoting renewable energy. Its enduring traditions, exemplified in events like the Vienna Opera Ball, blend seamlessly with a modern and progressive outlook. Whether indulging in the opulence of Vienna or exploring the alpine wilderness, Austria beckons with a harmonious blend of history, nature, and cultural sophistication.


If you’re an avid cyclist planning to travel across Austria, the ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways) offers several options for bringing your bike along on their trains. The ability to take your bike with you enhances the flexibility and reach of your cycling adventures, whether you’re exploring urban landscapes or remote countryside.

Taking Bikes on ÖBB Trains

Fernverkehr (Long-Distance Trains)

  1. Railjet (RJ, RJX): These high-speed trains connect major cities in Austria and neighboring countries. Railjet trains have designated bicycle spaces, but you must reserve a spot in advance. A bike ticket costs around €10, depending on the route.
  2. Nightjet (NJ): Ideal for overnight travel across Europe, Nightjet trains also offer bike transport. Similar to Railjet, reservations are mandatory. This allows you to wake up ready to cycle in a new city.
  3. Eurocity (EC) and Intercity (IC): These trains cover international and national routes with available bike spaces. Ensure you book in advance to secure a spot for your bike.
  4. Intercity-Express (ICE): While primarily a German service, ICE trains that operate in Austria allow bike transport with prior reservation.

Nahverkehr (Local Trains)

  1. Cityjet (CJ, CJX): The newer regional trains in Austria, Cityjets, have dedicated areas for bikes. These trains operate on shorter, local routes, making them perfect for day trips.
  2. Talent and Desiro: These local trains also provide bike transport facilities. They serve regional and commuter routes, offering convenient options for local cyclists.
  3. Doppelstock-Wendezug and Cityshuttle: These double-decker and shuttle trains are common in regional travel, equipped with spaces for bikes. They are a reliable option for cyclists traveling short distances.

Packing Your Bike for the Train

If you don’t have a designated bike space or if the train is fully booked, you can still bring your bike by packing it into a bag and removing the wheels. This way, your bike is considered regular luggage, allowing you to travel even on trains that do not have specific bike spaces. This flexibility is especially useful during peak travel times when bike slots might be fully reserved.

Booking and Traveling Tips

  • Reserve Early: Always book your bike space in advance, especially during weekends and holidays when trains are busier.
  • Check Train Specifications: Different train types have varying facilities and rules for bike transport. Ensure your train has the appropriate accommodations.
  • Pack Smart: If you’re packing your bike into a bag, make sure it’s compact and easy to handle, as you’ll need to maneuver it through stations and onto the train.

By taking advantage of ÖBB’s bike-friendly services, you can seamlessly integrate train travel into your cycling journeys, exploring Austria’s diverse landscapes with ease. Whether you’re planning a cross-country tour or a weekend getaway, ÖBB’s comprehensive network ensures you and your bike can travel together comfortably and conveniently.

Bike Culture

Austria’s cycling culture is synonymous with well-maintained paths and a breathtaking blend of paved and unpaved routes. Renowned for its extensive network of cycling trails, the country offers a pedal-powered exploration of its diverse landscapes, from idyllic meadows to challenging alpine terrains. Cyclists can traverse scenic routes along the Danube River or embark on mountainous adventures amid the Austrian Alps. The cycling infrastructure is in excellent condition, with dedicated lanes ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. However, the picturesque but challenging terrain may present a test of stamina for cyclists tackling the alpine regions. Embracing Austria’s cycling culture means not only savoring the smooth paths winding through historic towns but also conquering the exhilarating twists and turns that reveal the country’s natural splendor, making it a haven for both leisurely riders and avid cycling enthusiasts.

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