Cycle-touring packing list

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Before going on a cycle-touring trip, it’s smart to check that you have packed all needed items. Here is a list that helps you to pack efficiently. You can find links to products that we recommend.

Cycling Gear:

  1. Bike: Essential for obvious reasons—it’s your mode of transportation. Think about where and when you want to cycle and what types of roads you will encounter. While in Central Europe, there are a lot of concrete cycling paths, in other countries, they are gravel. It is always wise to opt for a wider tyre selection, since there will always be road sections, that are not 100% suited to your bike, this applies especially when using a road bike for cycle-touring.
  2. Helmet: Safety first! Protect your head in case of falls or accidents. Recommended helmet here!
  3. Bike Repair Kit: Includes spare tubes, patch kit, tire levers, and a multi-tool for basic repairs on the road.
  4. Pump: To inflate tires when needed, ensuring smooth rides.
    1. Electric bike pump: Heavier and takes up some space, but you’re tyre will have the proper pressure.
    2. Mini bike pump: Smaller and lighter, but harder to get the proper pressure into your tyre.
    3. Adapter: Super small and allows you to inflate your bike at any gas station.
  5. Bike Lights: For visibility and safety during low-light conditions or night rides.
  6. Chain Lube: Maintains smooth and efficient chain performance.


  1. Cycling Shorts: Provide comfort and reduce chafing during long rides.
  2. Moisture-wicking Shirts: Keeps you dry and comfortable by wicking away sweat.
  3. Cycling Gloves: Protect hands from blisters and provide better grip on handlebars.
  4. Rain Jacket: Shields you from unexpected rain showers or windy weather.
  5. Extra Layers: Depending on the climate, pack layers for warmth during colder days/nights.
  6. Cycling Shoes: Provide better power transfer and comfort while pedaling.
  7. Off-Bike Shoes: Comfortable shoes for walking around off the bike, exploring, or casual wear.
  8. Flip Flops: Lightweight and easy to slip on for relaxing at camp or walking around rest areas.
  9. Pants/Shorts: Off-bike clothing for comfort and versatility.
  10. Underwear and Socks: Essential for hygiene and comfort during the trip.
  11. Sweater/Jacket: Provides warmth during chilly evenings or cold weather.

Personal Items:

  1. Water Bottles/Hydration System: Staying hydrated during long rides is crucial for performance and health.
  2. Sunscreen: Protects your skin from sunburn during long hours under the sun.
  3. First Aid Kit: Essential for minor injuries or emergencies on the road.
  4. Toiletries: Including toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, and any personal hygiene items.
  5. Map/GPS Device: Navigation tools to help you find your way along your route.


  1. Identification and Money: Essential for emergencies and purchasing supplies along the way.
  2. Mobile Phone: Communication device for emergencies and staying in touch with loved ones.
  3. Bike Lock: Secures your bike when you need to leave it unattended.
  4. Snacks/Food: High-energy snacks and meals for fueling your rides and camping adventures.
    1. Protein bars

Camping Gear:

  1. Tent: Shelter for overnight stays, providing protection from weather and insects.
  2. Bivouac (Biwak): Lightweight emergency shelter.
  3. Sleeping Bag: Keeps you warm and comfortable during nights outdoors.
  4. Sleeping Pad: Provides insulation from the ground, enhancing sleeping comfort.
  5. Camp Stove and Fuel: For cooking meals and boiling water for drinking.
  6. Cooking Utensils: Basic utensils for meal preparation and eating.
  7. Headlamp/Flashlight: Handy for setting up camp or navigating in the dark.

Remember, the key to a successful cycle-touring trip is packing light but efficiently, considering factors such as weather, terrain, and personal preferences. Also take into account where exactly you are cycling. In dense areas, you can buy more or less everything without a problem, in remote areas you will need to pack more stuff, maybe even more repairs.